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Just a throw back

Monday, September 05, 2016 | No Comment »

I hope everyone is doing has been a long time since I've updated this blog (I know).  I wonder how many readers I have left ;).  My very first blog post for this blog seems years ago wow...8 years ago to be exact.  That was the time when I first moved to San Diego and had some time on my hands.  Oh how things change in 8 years - through this blog, I met many talented people who all shared a passion for cooking, food styling and food photography.  The amount of talented food photographers out there is astounding - I can hardly compare although I did try.  Before you start to wonder what this is about, I would just like to share some of my favourite recipes and photos over the years.  I believe I will be back with new content soon.

Thank you my dear readers and fellow bloggers for supporting me throughout the years...I wish you all good health and happiness! 


My all-time favourite shot (the red bean and salted egg pastry tastes good too). Recipe here. 

This Hong Kong style 'cheong fun' or flat rice noodles recipe is excellent and my first attempt resulted in an extremely smooth textured 'cheong fun'.  Recipe here.

Let's end this post on a sweet note - loved making this beautiful strawberry and kiwi tart (although it took about half a day since I made the pastry from scratch as well) but well worth the time and effort.  Recipe here.

Tuna and Kimchi Kimbap (Korean Rice Rolls) - 김밥

Tuesday, November 03, 2015 | Labels: , , , , , | 8 Comments »

Kimbap which literally means rice in seaweed (bap means rice while kim/ gim means seaweed), is one of my favourite Asian snacks which I should mention is also very easy to put together and very portable, hence it's immense popularity as picnic or lunchbox food.  Although there are some usual ingredients you may find in a kimbap, like omelette strip and the vibrant yellow pickle (danmuji), you can really tailor-make the ingredients in these rolls according to what you fancy.  For today, I made a tuna and a kimchi version where I used canned tuna flakes with omelette strips, softened carrots, cucumber and just replaced the tuna with some chopped up cabbage kimchi in the other version.  You can also add minced beef stir-fried in some soy and sesame oil or fishcakes so really, making kimbap is like a playground for your culinary creativity.


The main differences with sushi just in case you were wondering is that much less rice vinegar is used to dress the rice, the ingredients are cooked and sesame oil is added to kimbap which is definitely absent from its' Japanese 'look-a-like'.  To me, kimbap is heartier and is also easier to eat as a dipping sauce is not needed whereas sushi usually has more delicate flavours that are highlighted with the requisite dipping sauce.  I do hope you will give these a try and really, kimbap is not 'Korean sushi'! :O.


I tried making these again and used light soy sauce from Yuen Chun - slightly deeper flavours but I found it acceptable and in fact tastier (at least to us).  This post is part of my Yuen Chun Recipes, an going project on this blog.

Curry Bamboo Charcoal Ramen Noodles Recipe 加里拉面

Sunday, November 01, 2015 | Labels: , , , | 10 Comments »

I hope you are still enjoying what's left of the weekend!  No secret that noodles are popular features on this blog and for today, I decided to feature a very healthy version of ramen - made of bamboo charcoal powder.  Although it may sound a little weird - bamboo charcoal powder which is believed to have health benefits is increasingly being used in a lot of different food products (it was originally used in Japanese cuisine), in bread, cakes, noodles and more.  The texture is no different from regular ramen noodles albeit a little firmer but then I have to admit there is a slight aftertaste which is a little sweet so do be forewarned if you decide to try this :O.  I love making quick curry noodles (or otherwise known as laksa in the Malay language) at home - for today I used a quick homemade paste but it is of course perfectly alright to use store-bought curry pastes.  I mean there are times when dragging out the mortar and pestle (or even a blender) sounds too labour-intensive eh?

Curry Bamboo Charcoal Ramen Noodles

My quick paste consisted of curry powder, lemongrass, dried chili peppers, toasted belacan, garlic and some shallots - just something I thought of on the fly.  You can add some turmeric as well if you like.  I used vegetarian fishballs and some green beans to accompany the noodles but you can go as bare or as 'deluxe' as you like of course.  By the way, it has been awhile since I've cooked, I almost forgot how much I love it - I'm just so glad I made it a point to make something today.

Curry Bamboo Charcoal Ramen Noodles

This is an updated recipe where I added soy sauce for deeper flavours.  This recipe is part of my Yuen Chun Recipes, an ongoing project on this blog.

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