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Chinese Daikon Soup with Spareribs 白蘿蔔湯

Monday, March 24, 2008 | Labels: , , , , |

This is one of my favourite 老火湯 (literally translates to old fire soup). This is my Dad's recipe and requires boiling of about 4-5 hours. Nothing beats a hot bowl of soup for me! I swear a steaming bowl of soup cures homesickness, flu amongst other things although I'm sure my mom who incidentally does read my blog will be telling me to drink less of this soup since the Chinese believe that carrots have 'over-cooling' properties if consumed too frequently plus this soup is a definite no-no for pregnant women! I love to eat the pork and the carrots after boiling as well, dipped in soy with chillis - YUMMY!



1 to 2 Chinese white carrots
1/2 pound pork muscle or shanks (ribs will be good as well)
Chicken bones (optional - to add to the 'sweetness' of the soup)
4-6 small dried cuttlefish, rinsed


First, scrape off the skin on the carrots with a knife. Cut to 2 inch pieces. Put aside. Boil water in a pot - I use a big pot (about 8-10 cups of water). Once the water boils, put all the ingredients into the water carefully. Turn to low heat and let it boil for about 4-5 hours with the cover off. Check back occasionally. Finally add salt to taste. Add in some chopped cilantro/ green onions (optional).

There you have it! A flavourful 老火湯!

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