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Chicken Congee Recipe (雞粥) and thanks!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 | Labels: , , |

Before I present tonight's dish, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you (those whom I know personally and those who just stumbled upon this blog) who have taken the time to comment and email me with tons of compliments. They really make my day and I am very flattered that some of you actually went ahead and tried my home recipes and actually (liked?) them. Cooking is very fun for me and sometimes therapeutic as I don't have my piano here in San Diego with me and cooking has proven to be my main hobby apart from reading and


Okay, you're probably wondering what happened to tonight's recipe - I made chicken congee as I was feeling (just a little) feverish this morning and I was longing for some hot congee. Yes, what do Chinese people like when they're sick? Answer: it's congee or porridge. Since I had some boneless chicken thighs in the freezer, I decided to make chicken congee. Chicken congee operates on the same concept as chicken noodle soup to a certain extent, there's chicken broth, there's chicken (woohoo) and of course instead of the noodle, we use rice. Congee is just a lot of water and a little rice. I was quite happy with the texture of tonight's congee, very smooth and comforting! Food of course is sometimes not only about the taste or the ingredients, it's also the connotations that come with them, for instance, the highest grade of abalone or shark's fin may be very expensive and rare, but more often than not it's the simplest, most basic food that may prove to be the most delicious and most comforting. Ok, enough of the rambling, on to the ingredients!

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1/4 cup of white rice, soaked for 2 hours
3-4 cups water
2 chicken thighs (with bone if you prefer)
2 stalks green onions, sliced
4 slices ginger, sliced
Dash of sesame oil
Dash of soy sauce
Dash of pepper (optional)


Firstly, boil the chicken thighs in a pot of water (about 4 cups) until cooked throughly. Next, remove from pot and set aside. Now, put the previously soaked rice into the broth and cook on medium heat for about 30-60 minutes. Please watch the pot to ensure that it does not dry up. Once the rice has 'melted', turn off the heat. Remember the cooked chicken? It should be cool by now, shred the chicken into strips. Now, sprinkle the chicken strips, green onions and ginger slices on top of the congee. Add the sesame oil, soy sauce and pepper and serve hot.


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Anonymous said...

i now know how come, my chicken porridge is not so nice as yrs.
I didnt cookd yr way. Yr method is definitely interestg.

aiknhoon said...

Thanks for sharing your easy-to-make and delicious recipe. It's a god-send for a busy working mom like me.

Tastes of Home said...

dear anony, hope you like this method and thanks for stopping by!

hey aiknhoon! how are you? no problem at all, I'm glad i can help a little! :)

Bentoist said...

And you bothered to make it in a claypot. I hope you feel better.

Tastes of Home said...

thanks bentoist - yup eating the congee really made me feel better, I love using the claypot actually :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks easy enough. Thanks for the recipe. I think I'll try it since my sis is sick too. I wonder, do ppl put eggs into the congee when it's cooking? I've seen that done before and I thought it makes it taste creamier or something. Any idea?

Tastes of Home said...

^^ you're welcome !

Well my mom used to make us egg congee when we were little to get us to eat it since it was so colourful! hehe..but I have yet to add it to cook with chicken though. You can always try to experiment with a separate bowl and see how it turns out. When I was feeling under the weather, the chicken congee was so comforting but then I had to make it myself! Your sister is lucky! :) thanks for stopping by

Tan.wiratchada said...

WoW! This is my favorite breakfast with one egg...yam..yam...great posted with recipe pictures.

Tastes of Home said...

thanks Tan! I must try adding an egg next time.

foodhoe said...

wow, this has inspired me to go out and get a claypot! Your recipe looks pretty simple and delicious.

Tastes of Home said...

hi foodhoe! yeah,I LOVE using claypots! you will find them very useful in the kitchen :)

keith said...

Thanks for this recipe. Instead of cooking the chicken separately, what I did was cut the chicken into pieces, marinade and leave in fridge while the rice is cooking. 10-15 mins before 'juk' is ready, stir in the chicken pieces. Delicious!

Tastes of Home said...

hey keith - thanks for stopping by and sharing your method! I do that with fish congee too :)

Jonny said...

Hi there, thanks so much for this recipe.

I must say I love your blog, as I'm looking for some authentic chinese food recipes in english - so this is brilliant!

Thanks so much!

Tastes of Home said...

hey Jonny, thanks for stopping by! hope u will find my other recipes useful :)

netty said...

I have taken an interest in learning about malay food. thanks for your posts. I am from Guam and it is believed that the first island people traveled by canoe from malaysia. I love trying new dishes and would definitely love to try making some of your recipes. Please keep blogging! thanks.

I'm said...

I make this SO MUCH now. Best 粥 recipe I've tried. I have to say though, the pepper is a necessity in my opinion! Totally enhance the flavor. :)

Tastes of Home said...

netty - thanks! Im making mostly Chinese food though :)

I'm - thanks! I'm glad u enjoy this recipe and yes pepper is a must!

Niki said...

I look forward to making this tomorrow, thanks!

Anonymous said...

try this method to give your chicken a better taste, its my family recipe.

1) steam the thighs with bone and skin into a bowl until you see all the juices are forced out of thigh

2) put the chicken, bone and juices in the pot of congee.

it tastes so good that you wont even need to add anything afterwards

monika said...

I made this a couple of months ago and it is absolutely the best congee I have ever had!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I'm making it again tonight but I don't have chicken brooth-only beef brooth, I hop it turns out.

Tastes of Home said...

Niki, thanks!

monika - thanks, glad u liked it :) I have yet to make beef congee too, will try it someday :)

Juny said...

Hi, I like your recipe its simple. But may I know what type of soy sauce do you use?

Jen said...

thanks Juny, I just use regular light soy sauce..hope that helps!

Michelle said...

thanks for the recipe, it was delish

Tastes of Home (Jen) said...

glad you liked it! Thanks for your feedback! :)

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