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Deep-fried Tofu and Pork in Spicy Bean Sauce Recipe

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 | Labels: , , , , |

Tofu is definitely a 'wonder-ingredient' in that it has a ton of health benefits and since it is essentially flavourless and highly-absorbent, you can cook it in a variety of ways to suit your taste buds. Today I opted for some deep-fried tofu packets I purchased with some ground pork cooked in a spicy bean sauce. This dish is no stranger to most Chinese dining tables and is definitely a family favourite of mine.


As I purchased these tofu packets already fried, I could skip the slightly messier step of deep-frying, but if you're feeling particularly diligent or up to it, you can always buy plain tofu and deep-fry them before cooking. I always keep some bean sauce in my fridge as they are so versatile, they can be used in sweet sauces, in stir-frys with vegetables, seafood or in this case, pork and tofu. To make this dish vegetarian, you can opt to skip the ground pork or substitute with ground chicken to make this a delicious halal dish.


The tofu packets soaked up my delicious spicy bean sauce and the ground pork added variety to texture, each bite was pure pleasure!

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8 deep-fried tofu packets
2 cloves garlic, sliced
2 stalks green onions, sliced diagonally (save the green parts for garnish if desired)
1/4 pound ground pork
2-4 bird's eye chilli peppers, chopped

2 tbsps ground bean sauce
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp Shaoxing Wine (Chinese Rice Wine)
Dash of pepper (optional)
1 tsp of corn starch in 4 tsps water

Heat about 1 tbsp of oil in a wok. Saute the garlic, green onions and chilli peppers till fragrant. Add the bean sauce, then fry the pork till half-cooked. Add about 1/4 cups of water and add the tofu packets. Stir around for about another 3-5 minutes. Finally add about 1 tsp of cornstarch in 4 tsps of water to thicken the sauce up. Serve hot.


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We are Never Full said...

why am i so afraid to try and cook w/ tofu? i've GOT to give this a try.

Tastes of Home said...

hi there! WANF - thanks for dropping by :) I'm liking tofu more and more these days.

tigerfish said...

This shape of dried tofu, we sometimes call it Pipa(pronounced in Mandarin) Tofu.

Tastes of Home said...

really TF? I actually bought this at the Japanese store and it has a little sweetness in it I think :)

noobcook said...

Tofu, pork, black bean sauce ... best! I love your little bowl and the green onions garnishing on top ^^

Beachlover said...

interesting!! never buy this type of tofu b4 but love to cook my tofu this style,extra minced pork!! yummy with rice!

Tastes of Home said...

noobcook - thanks! I bought this 'kitami' dipping dish from Crate & Barrel :)

Beachlover - yeah definitely yummy with rice! bought this at the Japanese grocery store, Mitsuwa

Tan.wiratchada said...

Hi Taste,
I like tu fu and your look my mouse watering...Nice pic as always...

Tastes of Home said...

tan - thanks girl!!!

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