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Update from Author

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | Labels: |

Dear Readers,

I have been absent for a while, but please be rest assured I will continue posting on my beloved blog and I do have some recipes up my sleeves to share soon!

I hope everyone has been well and I wanted to share this video with my readers, this is one of my favourite songs (my piano rendition of it) - and hope you will like this! The title of this song loosely translated from Chinese (今生不再) should mean, "Never again", I guess sometimes certain things or events never repeat themselves, this of course reminds me of a quote from my favourite author, Milan Kundera - 'Life is like a straight line, events do not repeat themselves in a circular fashion".

Alright, my next post will be a recipe, thanks for indulging me!

As always, thanks for stopping by Tastes of Home.



homeladychef said...

Welcome back! Look forward to your next posting! :)

jen said...

pls come back soon, i really miss your recipes :)

Tastes of Home said...

thanks hlc!

thanks jen!!

I'm glad u gals still remember me!! LOL

Shopn'Chomp said...

Your piano playing is so beautiful. Looking forward to your recipes. :)

Jen said...

^ aww thanks! I appreciate it!

I am definitely thinking hard for my next recipe for my 'come back'! LOL

Brian Robertson said...

Thank goodness you are back and definitely look forward to your future posts.

Happy Belly said...

Hi I happened to stumble across your blog and your piano rendition brings back lots of memories of my Dad who passed away last year of cancer. We played his favorite old Chinese musical such as this for him during his final days.
Now that I am living in US, far from the comfort of my family it really makes me miss them even more. In a good way. Thanks.

Tastes of Home said...

thanks Brian

HappyBelly - so sorry for such a late reply - I'm glad it brought back some good memories for you... thanks for commenting.

mysimplefood said...

What a beautiful rendition!! I remember the movie - Leon Lai and Shu Qi!

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