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Chinese Peanut Soup with Spareribs Recipe

Thursday, November 05, 2009 | Labels: , , , |

Well, fall is here and with the cold weather (at least it is cold for me), now is the perfect time to enjoy yet another bowl of steaming hot soup from my kitchen! This time, I am featuring a well-loved Cantonese slow-boiled soup (or old-fire soup) with peanuts as the main ingredient. I love using peanuts as you can just buy a few packets and keep them in the fridge, no washing, chopping and no need to worry about whether it will go bad (it won't for a reasonable period of time). You can buy these peanuts neatly packed at most Asian grocery stores and definitely a great soup-ready ingredient to have in your kitchen.

I teamed the handy peanuts with my obligatory dried cuttlefish and some spare ribs this time. Definitely one of my best and simplest form of comfort food - try it and you may discover another handy recipe you fall back on whenever you need some authentic Chinese comfort food! For my Chinese counterparts, I hope this post reminds you of the old fashioned goodness of home-cooked Chinese peanut soup!

1 packet of peanuts
8 inches worth of spare ribs (or more depending on preference)
12 cups of water
2 dried cuttlefish (rinsed)
Salt, to taste


First, blanch the spare ribs in hot water to get rid of impurities, remove from water and discard the water. Next, heat 12 cups of water in a soup pot until boiling - put in the peanuts, blanched pork and cuttlefish. Turn heat to low and boil for about 4 hours, checking occasionally.

After 4 hours, check for taste and add salt as desired.

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jen ® said...

this soup is my all time fave! :)
love it with lotus root. but my mum is too lazy to cook it for me :<

homeladychef said...

Nutritious soup as always! I want to have a bowl too!

Yvonne Ho Qian Ru said...

your soup recipe is so simple to follow! i will try this out very soon! thank you! :)

Tastes of Home said...

thanks jen! yeah, this is easy though but I know what u mean, I always want mom to cook too!

HLC - thanks! how are u?

Yvonne - ur welcome! hope u like it :)

Belle | Muse in the Kitchen said...

This looks so good! I like the idea of pairing it with the spareribs - yes, definitely Chinese comfort food!

Tastes of Home said...

^ yeah definitely one of my fav comfort foods! thanks for stopping by!

Elizabeth said...

i love your recipes xD thank-you for your posts~!!!

for the cuttlefish - my dad's allergic to it - what substitute would you recommend instead?

Elizabeth said...

thank-you for the recipes :D!!!

what would you recommend as substitute for cuttlefish?

my dad's allergic to it :(

thx again!!! hope u hv gd holiday!!!

Tastes of Home said...

thanks Belle! yeah simple and tasty comfort food hehe

Elizabeth - hmm, I think you can use dried scallops as a substitute - sorry for the late reply..I havent been getting notications of new comments to my email for some unknown reason to me.. thanks for stopping by tho!

Kong said...

Usually how many grams in one packet of nut?

Tastes of Home (Jen) said...

Hi! About 1 cup of peanuts will be adequate, so around 228grams. Let me know if you have more questions!

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