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GUEST POST: Bacon Ricotta Mashed Potatoes and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011 | Labels: , , |

Please welcome Kelvin of Kelvin Wu Photography a blog I have been following for both its' delicious recipes and mouthwatering food photos. Kelvin is an avid photographer and cook who lives in Holland and apart from the delicious food photos, he also shares his stylish work in travel and wedding photography.  He has very kindly shared one of his favourite recipes for Thanksgiving on Smoky Wok today and please do hop over to his blog to check out more of his work. Kelvin, thanks for sharing with us!

Why would you wait for Thanksgiving? You can eat this everyday! Unfortunately, we don't have Thanksgiving in the Netherlands... Isn't it just an excuse to eat a lot? :p

Today, I'm going to share one of my favorite mashed potatoes recipes. This recipe has the following ingredients and it serves two.



500 grams potatoes (duh) without the skin and cut in parts
1 onion - diced
125 grams ricotta
150 grams fresh spinach leaves
100 grams bacon
a bit of butter and milk to make it smoootthh
a bit of olive oil (not like Jamie Oliver, which is 1/4 of the bottle) for frying the onion
a bit of nutmeg, like a 1/2 tsp
salt and pepper by taste



First we have to boil the water with a 1/2 tbsp of salt in a medium pan. Add the potatoes and cook it for about 30 minutes till it's kind of soft, but not too soft, does that make sense? Try to pick it with a fork.

In the meantime, fry the onion in a sauce pan till it shines and has a golden color, then add the ricotta and add a small portion of spinach at a time.

In another pan, fry the bacon until crispy and leave it there for later.

The potatoes should be done by now, so drain the potatoes, mash it a little, add the butter and milk, stir, add the ricotta mix, stir again and add the bacon.

Add nutmeg, salt and pepper by taste and enjoy!

I'm also excited to have a Guest Post on Smoky Wok.  If you're thinking about to have a special Thanksgiving. Please stop by my fellow foodie, Jen from Smoky Wok, a Getty Images Artist, who has many Asian recipes which you can find in restaurants, but made at home! Happy (Asian) Thanksgiving!


PeterH said...

Looks great! Thanks for sharing a new blog for me :)

Smoky Wok (Tastes of Home) said...

You're welcome Peter! :)

Rosa said...

I love mashed potatoes! Thanks for sharing this.

Smoky Wok (Tastes of Home) said...

Rosa, thanks for stopping by!

TasteHongKong said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely dish. Happy Thanksgiving!

Smoky Wok (Tastes of Home) said...

Thanks dear! You too :)

Jeannie said...

Wow! First time I am seeing mash potatoes with so much ingredients in it! I could eat that on its own!

Smoky Wok (Tastes of Home) said...

Haha, you're right Jeannie, this will make a great meal on its' own

Carolyn Jung said...

OMG, that's  meal unto itself. Well, at least for a potato lover like me. ;)

Smoky Wok (Tastes of Home) said...

Yeah Carolyn haha you're right...I'm a potato lover too :)

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

What a delicious mushed potatoes!  I would even look forward to the day after Thanksgiving for leftover!  I want to make a nice sandwich with French baguette...

Veronica Krystle Davis said...

This by itself is a meal for me. Happy Thanksgiving:D

Smoky Wok (Tastes of Home) said...

Thank you! Have a good one!

Smoky Wok (Tastes of Home) said...

It does look delicious Nami hah - I love leftover turkey a lot haha, you know what I've yet to try roasting a whole turkey by myself - ooh your sandwich sounds good! :) Looking fwd to your TG post :)

Hyosun Ro said...

OMG Jen - This looks so good! I will have to ditch my favorite mashed potato recipe this year.

Smoky Wok (Tastes of Home) said...

Haha, really? Happy Thanksgiving in advance Hyosun!

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