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Mom's Roast Pork in Soy Recipe

Friday, February 27, 2009 | Labels: , | 10 Comments »

I'm back, my dear readers! Well, truth be told, I have been back for over a week or is it two (oh how time flies when one is on vacation!) - I was greeted with terribly cold weather once I landed and had to acclimatise myself back to San Diego weather.

This will be my first official recipe for the year of the Earth Ox- may I present my mom's recipe that was handed down to her by my late grandmother, roast pork simply cooked in soy and garlic. The roast pork my parents buy is extremely delicious, think tender pork marinated with just the right amount of spices roasted to a fragrant golden crisp! People go as early as 4-5 am during Chinese New Year to purchase from this particular seller - I guess it's a good thing that my parents are both morning people. Of course, before my mom got to cook this dish, I already devoured a few (hmm...many?!) delectable pieces of roast pork- well, this is something I don't get to taste often - the roast pork found in San Diego are nowhere near the ones in Malaysia, so I think what I did was totally forgiveable and understandable!


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