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Korean Style Noodles in Spicy Broth Recipe

Sunday, November 01, 2015 | Labels: , , , |

I love spicy noodles not only for the delicious flavours but also for their getting-rid-of-nose-blocks properties! Today's feature is an extremely simple dish of wheat noodles in a spicy anchovy-based broth with some crabsticks and green chilli peppers thrown in, finished off with generous dashes of sesame oil and soy sauce, this was actually inspired by Korean style spicy ramen.  I have not been cooking much lately so contrary to popular belief, food bloggers really don't cook all the time or maybe it's just me.  I love eating Korean ramen but wanted something a little healthier today so I opted for some wheat noodles instead of the popular processed noodles plus skipped the msg with homemade broth.  As I did not have much ingredients left in my fridge, I just added some sliced crabsticks and green chilli peppers for even more heat.


This is something you can whip up easily in your kitchen and you can tailor-make the ingredients to suit your tastebuds.  The wheat noodles you see are usually used in jjajangmyeon or Korean black bean noodles, the Korean version of China's famous zhaziangmian.  If wheat noodles are not easily available where you are, you can substitute with angel hair pasta and choose whole wheat versions for an even healthier dish.  As I have mentioned earlier, I don't have much of a sweet tooth, instead my weakness are rice and noodles so most of my calorie quota is saved for rice and noodles.  This was really satisfying and what's more, my blocked nose is gone in I reckon, one of the most delicious ways ever.


This updated post is now a part of my Yuen Chun Recipes, an ongoing project on this blog.

Serves: 1-2


4 crabsticks, sliced (feel free to substitute with other seafood of your choice)
1/2 packet of dry wheat noodles (about 100g)
3 green or red chilli peppers
2 cloves garlic, smashed
1/2 cup anchovies to make stock
1 tbsp gochugaru (Korean chilli powder)
1 tbsp gochujang (Korean chilli paste)
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp light soy sauce (I used Yuen Chun's)
Pinch of salt


1 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
1 sheet seaweed, toasted and cut or crushed (toast atop a burning flame by waving back and forth until it feels crackly)


Cook the noodles according to package instructions.  Drain and rinse under running cold water.  Set aside.

Prepare the broth by boiling about 2 cups of water in a soup pot.  Add in the anchovies and boil on low heat for about 20 minutes.  Turn off heat and remove anchovies.  Strain the stock through some cheesecloth.  Set aside.

Boil the stock again and once boiling, add in the gochugaru, gochujang, garlic, half of the chilli peppers and the sesame oil.  Add the soy sauce and do a taste test.  Add in more soy or salt if desired.

Arrange the noodles in a serving bowl.  Arrange the sliced crabsticks on top of the noodles.  Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.  Pour the stock gently into the serving bowl and finally garnish with the remaining chilli pepper slices and seaweed strips.  Serve immediately.



Nami said...

Jen, you are amazing creating this beautiful and delicious meal from nothing in the fridge!!  I can't eat spicy food, but my husband will finish this whole noodle soup for sure.  Beautiful pictures as always.  You cook really great noodle recipes all the time!

Wokette said...

OMG I have some leftover gochujang from making taegu.  My husband loves spicy noodles.  How much would he love me if I made this for dinner.  

beyondkimchee said...

That looks good, Jen.
It is very versatile and you can use pretty much any toppings. I would love to throw some shrimps in the soup.

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

Mmm noodle soups are my favorite -- especially if they're spicy!

Callie S said...

I just found your blog! This looks great, my fiance will love it!

Cooking Gallery said...

You seem to love Korean foods so much...:)! But I can understand, because I love Korean food too! Your soup looks divine, I am an avid soup eater, so I'd definitely finish everything in that bowl in no time ;)

Tastes of Home (Jen) said...

thanks Nami! I was desperately wanting some spicy noodles so I whipped this up :)

Tastes of Home (Jen) said...

haha, hope you give this a try then!

Tastes of Home (Jen) said...

thanks Holly! Yes, I would if I had some too :)

Tastes of Home (Jen) said...

I know, they help with blocked noses! lol

Tastes of Home (Jen) said...

thanks Callie!

pigpigscorner said...

I'm always up for anything spicy!

Cooking Gallery said...

You seem to love Korean foods so much...:)! But I can understand, because I love Korean food too! Your soup looks divine, I am an avid soup eater, so I'd definitely finish everything in that bowl in no time ;)

kristy wong said...

I love Korean noodle too! I'm looking forward to make my own korean noodle too. Yours look really tempting.

Tastes of Home (Jen) said...

thanks Kristy!

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